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      Recruitment:Sales Manager Advertisment

      出處: 本站原創     作者:優越大編011     發表時間: 2019-12-21

      Sales Manager £25,200-£36,000

      Summary of Position:

      Premium Education International Ltd., established in 2009, is an education information consulting company in London. We provide a full range of services to both individuals who wish to study in English-speaking countries and educational institutions that require assistance in the recruitment process. Premium Education is highly respected in China for its professionalism and excellent customer service in helping students to apply to Top 30 UK universities.

      We are currently looking for a passionate and hard-working individual to join our sales team in London office. Your main responsibilities include:

      · Liaising with Senior Manager and Director to determine annual sales targets and conversion rates, contributing to the development of sales strategies and explore new sales channels

      · Improving sales conversion rate via excellent customer service using social media (i.e. WeChat and QQ) in both Chinese and English language; submitting relevant sales reports as required to Senior Manager

      · Discussing and exploring new ways to improve customers experience; conducting market research and gathering information about benchmarked competitors

      · Based on the research on the requirements in the market of overseas education consultancy, collecting updated information of the newest reforms in the UK education system and liaising with other senior staff to determine our services

      · Discussing customer needs; developing plans to address customer requirements

      · Producing reports and providing recommendations covering marketing and sales strategies, helping improve company's products and services, and increasing market competitiveness

      · Visiting educational establishments, and planning and organising student events


      · Excellent sales and negotiation skills

      · Proficiency in Mandarin and English

      · Master or equivalent qualification (from one of UK's higher education institutions)

      · Be familiar with UK education system and application process for different courses.

      · Work experience in the education sector is preferred (not essential)

      · Excellent communication skills

      · Strong organisational skills

      · Attention to detail

      · Ability to work independently

      · Ability to work as part of a team

      · Self-driven and passionate about international education sector

      · Proficiency in MS office tools

      · Experience in organising student events and planning promotional activities on campus is preferred


      · Competitive salary (basic salary+ bonus)

      · Full training and support will be provided.

      · Working in one of the leading companies in the Education Consulting business.

      Job Type: Permanent

      Required education: Master's or equivalent

      Required languages: Mandarin and English

      Please send your CV and cover letter to recruit@peinternational.co.uk for any inquiry and application

      Application closing date: 17 Jan 2020


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